Please note Dynamis products cannot be exported and will only ship to the USA.

Dynamis Alliance is a self-defense company that provides equipment, training and apparel founded and run by veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso.  I met Dom at the Blade Show this year and he is the real deal.  Dom was a member of SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU) Gold Squadron.  He is focused and passionate about what he does and his equipment.  Dom was always looking for the perfect blade that could transition from his kit to a concealed carry knife on the street.  Never finding one that was quite perfect, he decided to design his own. In collaboration with Daniel Winkler of Winkler Knives, and after two years in development these knives are the final product.  When I found these at the Blade Show and put one in my hand, I knew I had carry these on my website. These knives fit the hand perfect, the sheath is genius and very minimal, they provide everything you need and nothing you do not. They are built in the USA by Winkler Knives, so the quality is outstanding.