TKell Knives is owned by knife maker Tim Kell of Ringold, Ga. Tim is a Marine Corps veteran and makes excellent EDC, concealed carry and tactical fixed blade knives. He uses 1095 steel, heat treated to 57Rc and them coated with Nickel Boron and given a battle worn finish. Nickel Boron makes the knives extremely corrosion resistant and more wear resistant. This finish has been used on firearms for years, it is very durable. Tim’s knives are very well thought out and designed for function and comfort. All of Tim’s knives are made entirely in his shop, only the plating is outsourced to a company that specializes in Nickel Boron finishes. These knives are an excellent value in a handmade knife. The user can change out the grips and sheath attachments with accessories available from TKell Knives. The knives also come with a lifetime warranty.