In this category we list both custom and mid-tech knives.  In recent years, with the proliferation of CNC machinery, water jets etc. the new category of mid-tech knives has emerged.  For many a true custom knife is made by a single individual with traditional knife making equipment, i.e. belt grinder, drill press, buffer etc.  There are makers referred to as “100 percenters” that make the blade by stock removal or forging, the handles, the sheath and some even the pins.  There are those that only consider a knife “custom” if the blade is forged.  Then there are the mid-tech knives that may have some or all of the components made by machines or outsourced to another shop.  In recent years these lines have been blurred as many makers may start with a water jet cut blank, use some CNC machinery or outsource the sheath.  Many of these knives still have a great deal of hand work and fitting involved in making them.  Most all of these knives exhibit a fit, finish and quality that surpasses mass produced production knives.  We are very particular with the makers that we carry and are confident in their quality and value they provide.  Many of these knives we have carried and used ourselves.