Freeman knives are built by Jeff Freeman owner of Freeman Outdoor Products in Oregon.  Jeff has a background that includes being a military veteran, wild land firefighter, machinist and the lead knife designer for a major knife company for a number of years.  This experience allows him to design and make awesome knives.  Jeff  knives are made in his own shop using state of the art CNC machinery.  Freeman knives are very precision made with exacting tolerances.  The grinds and lines on the knives are precise each side.  The folders run on bearing washers and use a button lock.  The blades opening with no friction and lock up solid.  These are one of the smoothest flippers on the market.  The fixed blades fit the hand very nicely and are extremely well made.  These knives are built to last a lifetime and be passed down to your children.  They are an excellent value at their price point for a custom precision made knife.